The focus of Brandi Vezina’s speaking is to get you to love yourself. Brandi will teach you techniques, phrases and behaviours to build your self esteem and self worth. Eliminating negative self, learning to appreciate and connect with your mind, body and spirit are what you can expect to learn from Brandi’s motivational speaking seminars and lectures.

Brandi will talk about addictions and how to replace those self destructive behaviours with new health building behaviours. Brandi’s health expertise will come in handy when learning how to replace old habits with new honest ones.

Brandi Vezina’s motivational speaking message is simple: self love is most important as is being honest with one's self. Brandi is officially on YouTube, check her out. Be sure to subscribe, leave comments and watch her weekly videos.

Brandi will work with small groups in schools, industry and non-profit organization. Brandi can present to large audiences, as a keynote speaker or in large group presentations. Brandi is a teacher and is especially talented working with at risk youth and adults, inspiring them to create a better future for themselves.

She works with people of all ages, sects and denominations. Brandi has worked with the Assembly of Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba, The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre and a variety of other organizations.