Brandi is an author, columnist and blogger. She has written three books, Raising Your ConsciousnessMoonlit Path, and Going Inward continues to write for her blog.

Brandi released her first ebook in 2019. She loves writing and enjoys sharing with people what she has learned throughout her lifetime. Her writing focuses on spirituality, recovery, self empowerment, honesty and environmentalism.

Raising Your Consciousness is a simple, practical guide aimed at providing readers with tangible well-being tips that are easy to implement in daily life. Raising Your Consciousness is embedded with Indigenous teachings and humble life experiences with particular emphasis on self-awareness. The point of Raising Your Consciousness is to teach readers to think for themselves and is applicable to readers of all ages who are looking for a guide to help create an intentional shift in the way they knowingly choose to live their lives. 

Moonlit Path is an infusion of photography and written word bringing together poignant images and statements to initiate thought and discourse regarding the world. Moonlit Path is directed at those who seek truth and spiritual awakening. This book is applicable to readers of all ages and is meant to spark conversations.

Going Inward is a workbook aimed at providing readers with ways to connect to one’s self and spirituality. Going Inward focuses on honesty and being open to healing work that is necessary to experience positive change. This workbook is aimed at readers who are willing to look within themselves.